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Big Paintball Maneuvers™-2017

May 20th, 2017 the main Russian paintball event, the Big Paintball Maneuvers™ will be held 20km out of Moscow.  

This year theme is  Maneuvers of Thrones!


Some day the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros were united under the Targaryen dynasty but the Baratheon’s rebellion deposed and killed the last Targaryen king. So he was first to climb the Iron Throne but not last – many of the great Houses of Westeros would like to became a new dynasty in this Medieval saga.
Now the Houses are united in two alliances – North and South. Both are mighty and powerful and led by ambitious leaders who can use dragons (both tracked and wheeled) and priests (both armor-piercing and antipersonnel). So attach your hopper to your… er… sword and join the House you like most! And yes, you can use a shield.!

What is the BPM™? 

It's BIG - around 3000 players; 
PAINTBALL - with markers, tanks, mortars, pyrotechnics and other paintball equipment 
MANEUVERS - non-stop 7-hours scenario game on ~1 sq.kilometer site with tens of missions and tasks. 

Every BPM has their own theme, scenario and entourage. Both sides form HQ and "regiments" to fight for score points. 
BPM is held in mid-May since 1998 by Top-Gun and Guards Paintball Fields and Action Paintball Games. More than 200 personal make the game possible - refs, game technics, sellers, security, cooks etc.

Sides will be guided by HQ - Head Commander, Regiments Commanders, radio operators, staff officers etc. HQ will receive a constant flow of missions and send players to fulfill them. Usually, more experienced players are promoted to squad/group/regiment commanders and receive special insignia. Single players can report to HQ Meeting Point where specially appointed commanders will lead them into the battle. So any player will have chance to engage into 100+ players firefight, raid the opposition's rear or ambush the roads, storm the buildings, destroy the tanks or conduct other forms of paintball bravery and merit an award.

We accept all willing to play (generally, 12+ years old) - just pay the entrance fee. The price depends on date you pay and vary from $20 to $40, including unlimited air fills (absolutely no CO2), army style hot meal, souvenirs (t-shirt, patch or similar), accident insurance. Paint and rentals are extra.

Besides free meal, you'll find several food/beverages booth where you can buy meat kebabs, salads, soft drinks etc. We sell no alcohol till the game's end. Award ceremony will be followed by concert - we enjoyed best Russian groups.


Green Town sanatorium (sanatory Zeleny Gorodok), Kostino village, Pushkino area of Moscow Region. It's 20km from Moscow city limits and 1km close to one of main highways - Yaroslavskoe Shosse. Google map

Date and time:

Saturday, May 20th, 10:00-17:00 non-stop. 
Registration: Friday, May 19th ~15:00-21:00, Saturday, May 20st 7:00-14:00 
Camping - schedule TBA 
Award Ceremony and Concert ~18:00 


Best way - by car. As soon as you take Yaroslavskoe Highway, you'll need to make just one turn to Kostino and in ~800m you'll be at the Green Town gates. Note: it's good to start VERY early, as you can stick in huge line at the gates - we need to accept and park up to 1500 cars, it takes time. 
Public transport: suburban train from Yaroslavsky Train Station to Pushkino station, than by bus #28 or shuttle taxi #28 till the end stop - Green Town. Local taxi is a good choice either.  
There will be BPM shuttle buses from Registration to farthest HQ  
The field - around 80-100 hectares of different landscape - more than 20 buildings, deep forest and meadows, swamps and roads.   
Respawn - every 15 minutes from respawn points and non-stop from HQ

Russian big games and BPM™ in particular are widely employ pirotechnics, state-of-the-art armor and artillery (thanks to Eisern Kaput Panzerdivision). Game lasts one day, from 10AM to 5PM and occupied 80+ hectars (200 acres) with 20+ buildings and different landscape (forest, meadows and swamps). Re-enter is open every 15 min from HQ and respawn points. 

This year expectations are usual 3000+ players.
Admission fee is (generally, no players younger 12 years):
$20 if paid till February 20st (online only);
$25 till March 20st;
$30 till April 20st;
$35 till May 15th;
$40 on cite.
Including unlimited air fill; free hot meal; souvenirs (t-shirt or patch or similar) and accident insurance.
Rental equipment ($10 full kit) and paintballs ($35-50 a box) are extra.
NOTE: no CO2 fill at all

Two sides - Houses of North and Houses of South - will be guided by HQs, each side will be divided into several units under command of designated generals. Both HQ will rule the game through command network of pre-assigned "warlords" and "knights", who will be issued special insignia and patches. Every single player can appear at the "Recruiting Point" at HQ or join any unit. If you have specific requirements according your side or unit, note that we guarantee side/unit choice for every application paid before March 20st. 
Any player will have chance to take part into close combat, massive attacks, anti-tank fighting or deep raids - game is composed of numerous missions, flowing every 15-20 minutes.

Non-field activity

There will be cafes, music, some inflatable attractions at the HQ zones. There will be paint and equipment stores, tech booth, grenade depots also.
After the game' end we host a concert with the first-line Russian groups like BI2, Nogu Svelo, Neschastny Sluchai etc. Game is run by ~200 personal - marshals, game masters, administrators, drivers, cooks, etc..

Maneuvers Headquarters:  

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask game promoters at info@paintball.ru or by phone +7(495)7851762 (working hours are 10AM-7PM MOSCOW TIME)
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/BigManeuvers    
Registration Form: http://caliber-68.ru

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